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Alcohol Breath Detector

Product Code: PRSM-ABA-ABD-AL3200


Product Description:

Alcohol breath detector has two operational modes namely the fast mode and the normal mode, so the test results can be obtained within the printing system. This alcohol testing device tests the BAC(Blood alcohol content) by blowing into a device with a straw which therefore gives accurate results of the alcohol concentration in the blood.

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  • Alcoscan AL3200 features dual mode namely fast mode and normal mode.
  • People are tested by the Fast mode first, then those who have a specific alcohol content fail to pass the test of the fast mode are tested by the normal mode.
  • When test to the fast mode fails, while the flash light is working, the person has to test in the normal mode by blowing into the device with a straw.
  • Test results can be printed so that managers can check the workers alcohol concentration.

  • Fast mode:
    1. Sensor - Semiconductor alcohol sensor
    2. Indication of Blood alcohol content : 2 steps (Test result can be printed out) 0-Zero Fail-BAC Detected
    3. Accuracy - (+ -) 0.01% BAC at 0.05% BAC
    4. Mouthpiece - Utilization not required
    5. Calibration - Replaceable AL32M

  • Normal mode part:
    1. Sensor - Fuel cell sensor
    2. Indication of B.A.C.:0.000% BAC - 0.400% BAC (Test result can be printed out)
    3. Accuracy - (+ -) 0.005% BAC at 0.100% BAC
    4. Calibration - Replaceable AL32FM

  • Common part:
    1. Display - Segment display
    2. Dimension - 320mm (width) X 130mm (thickness) X 310mm (height)
    3. Weight - 6.5Kg