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Body Protection
The human body is prone to the most amount of hazards in an industry which can be in the form of sharp edges, flying sparks, noise, chemicals, and all other potential hazards which can harm the body. Body protection equipments are should be equipped to minimize the potential injuries which a worker is exposed to. Heat resistant clothing and fire retardant suit in the body protection domain we offer protect the user from exposure to high temperatures, intense heat and other hot molten material.

Aluminized Fire Proximity Suit

Fire Retardant Suit And Coverall

PVC Suit

Tyvek Protective Wear Airline

Nomex III A/Delta C Mark Coveralls

Cold Storage Suit

Cryo Apron

Arc Flash Protection Coverall 8 Cal/cm2

Arc Flash Protection kit 55 Cal/cm2

Honey Bee Suit

Aluminized Fiberglass Fire Proximity Suit

Fire Entry Suit NPX 2000 Series

Fire Entry Suit-NPX 3000 Series

Asbestos Suit

Boiler Suit

Pressure Suit

Arc Flash Suit

Arc Flash Protection Kit 20 Cal/Cm2

Arc Flash Protection Kit
40 Cal/Cm2

Polycoat Tyvek QC Coverall Suit

Welders Suit

Arc Flash Protection kit 75 Cal/cm2

Safety Aprons/ Sleeves/ Leg Guards