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Cryo Apron

Cryo Apron

Product Code: PRSM-PPE-BP-CA-615


Product Description:

Cryo apron are manufactured of 100% waterproof nylon material which contains a protective layer to give advanced protection against hazardous liquids like liquid nitrogen. Cryogenic aprons offer protection from ultra cold temperatures and guard the torso area from chemical splashes. It is used in biomedical, laboratory research, chemical industry, aerospace, frozen food processing, and wherever protection from extremely cold temperatures are necessary.

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  • Cryogenic aprons is a multi-layered construction that facilitates maximum level of thermal protection
  • Waterproof nylon outer shell to provide protection from cryogenic splashes
  • It provides a high level of thermal protection to the torso and upper legs region in harsh cryogenic atmospheres
  • Quick-realese buckles are provided at the neck and waist for added safety and function