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Product Code: PRSM-PPE-CPC-FB-2613


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The dangers of flash fires or an explosion can be a everyday concern for an industrial worker, which can be avoided by using the Fyrban. This fyrban coverall is manufactured of flame resistant cotton (FR) which provides excellent high temperature withstanding properties. This is a cost effective fabric and can is recommended for fuel handlers, pipeline workers, off shore oil rig crews, industrial workers and lineman who are exposed to the fire hazards.

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  • Fyrban arc flash suit is made to the highest standards with quality features built in for everyday performance
  • Fyrban protects the user from electrical shocks and arc flash hazards by using the 51 cal arc flash suit
  • Two layer hood:
    1. 13oz. Indura? Ultra Soft? outer layer
    2. 9 oz. Indura? Ultra Soft? inner layer
    3. Hanger loop attached to top of hood
    4. Face shield attaches with Velcro hook and loop
  • Two layer coat:
  • 13oz. Indura? Ultra Soft? outer layer
  • 8oz. Indura? Ultra Soft? inner layer
  • Velcro front closure
  • Knit wristlets seal around wrists
  • Stand up collar
  • Raglan sleeve design offers superior freedom of movement
  • 32" length coat for full coverage
  • Two layer bib overalls:
    1. 13z. Indura? Ultra Soft? outer layer
    2. 9oz. Indura? Ultra Soft? inner layer
    3. Adjustable loop and buckles on bib strap
    4. Tear drop style swing pockets hold plenty of items
    5. Velcro? leg openings with gussets make for easy on and off
    6. Carry bag for Arc flash suit:
    7. Bag holds complete arc flash suit: Hood, coat and bib pants