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Chemical Protective Interceptor


Product Code: PRSM-PPE-CPC-IC-2611


Product Description:

The Interceptor® is a comprehensive gas tight unit which delivers remarkable protection from dangerous liquids and gaseous chemicals. It is manufactured using 10 layer multi-barrier fabrics with nonwoven diffusion layer which offers the utmost protection from hazardous chemicals. This chemical resistant garment offers the utmost protection from gas, vapour, aerosol, liquids, harmful contaminants or particulate protection.

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  • Interceptor® is the first line of defence against extreme chemical hazards
  • It is an apex in the Lakeland Industries¡¯ of chemical protective clothing line
  • Designed to offer protection from gas, vapour, aerosol, liquids, harmful contaminants or particulates
  • PTFE visor process permanently seals the visor into the suit, with no sewing involved so that liquids can¡¯t penetrate the visor edge
  • Visor prevents impairment of vision due to chemical contact
  • Manufactured in accordance to both NFPA 1991 and CE type 1 requirements
  • Certifies to optional flash fire protection for escape only requirements of NFPA 1991
  • Available in NFPA 1991 and CE Type 1 certified ensembles as well as non-certified encapsulating and non-encapsulating configurations
  • All NFPA certified Interceptor® ensembles include Tingley HazProof® boots and a storage bag