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Electrical Safety Products
Electrical outputs when not attended or taken care of with precision can cause serious burns, shocks and even electrocution which can cause a threat to both human life and physical property. Electrical safety products must be used to prevent electrical fires, injuries, shocks and other fatalities posed by an electrical system. Electrical safety is a must as any worker or user can come in contact with a hot, energized or live part of a socket or wire which can pose a threat to life.

Arc Flash Suit

Electrical Rubber Mat

Electrical Shock Proof Safety Shoes

Electrical Rubber Hand Gloves

Electrical Shock Treatment Chart

Fireman Axe

PVC Gumboots

Red Lockout Hasps

Artificial Resuscitator

Fiberglass Self Supported Step Ladder

Wire Cutter

Cable Cutter

Electrical Shock Proof Hammer

Kevlar Hood

Arc Flash Hood

Rescue Stick

Telescopic Earthing Rod (220 KV)

Short Circuiting Rod (L.T Discharge Rod)

Ball Valve Lockout

Cable Lockout Metal And Dielectric Type

Electrical Handle Type Lockout

Electrical Panel Lockout

Gate Valve Lockout

Lockout Station

Miniature Circuit Breaker Lockout

Universal Circuit Breaker Lockout