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Short Circuiting Rod (L.T Discharge Rod)

Product Code: PRSM-ESP-RS-616


Product Description:

Short circuiting rod is an insulated pole designed for live-line working on energized high voltage, electric power lines. L.T. discharge rods feature strong electrical, mechanical strength and protects the user from electrical shocks and unexpected return of power on network. They are ideal for electric utility workers and for people working at de-energized overhead lines

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  • The FRP pipe can be availed in the following:
    1. Length of the pipe: 1200mm
    2. Pipe diameter: 20mm
    3. No. of pipe: Set of 3 pipes, Set of 4 pipes and Set of 5 pipes

  • Copper clamp sizes:
    1. 20 X 3 copper hook
    2. 20 X 5 copper hook
    3. 25 X 5 copper hook