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Emergency Safety Showers / Eye-Wash
In an industry the initial seconds after an accident is caused is most crucial.Our eyes are sensitive and come accross many accidents while performing different applications, these injuries can be prevented by effective use of emergency safety showers/eyewashes.Emergency showers and eyewash stations provide immediate decontamination. They allow the workers to clean their eyes and remove the impurites from them caused due to hazardous substances. Accidents in an industry can occur anywhere and any substance can cause it, with the effective placement of these eyewashes the impact of the injury can be minimized.

Shower Cum Eye Wash (Hand Operated/Foot Operated)

Shower Cum Eye Wash(Hand Operated/Foot Operated)-SS

Eye Wash (Wall Mounted)

Eye Wash (Hand Operated)

Eye Wash(Hand Operated/Foot Operated) GI

Eye Wash Auxillary Pipe

15 Mins Portable Eye Wash

15-Mins Portable Eye Wash (Indian)

Deck Eyewash Shower

Stainless Steel Cabinet Type Eye Wash And Shower

Full Body Safety Shower

Eye Wash Hand Operated Foot Operated SS

6 Mins Portable Eye Wash

Wall Mounted Shower Head

Wall Mounted Shower Head SS

Multiple Nozzle With Platform

Eye Wash Bottle

Eye / Face Wash And Shower Operate Simultaneously

Multiple Nozzle Platform Shower

Stainless Steel Shower Valve With Stem

GM Shower Valve With Stem

Stainless Steel Atomiser Unit

GM Atomiser Unit

Stainless Steel Receptor Bowl

Abs Receptor Bowl

SS Shower Dome

Abs Shower Dome

Eye/Face Wash And Body Spray With 6' Hose

SS Eye Wash Valve With SS Push Handle

GM Eye Wash With Push Handle

Pull Rod

Foot Pedal

Drench Shower

Industrial Eye Wash Wall Mounted

Industrial Shower Cum Eye Wash Hand Operated & Foot Operated