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6 Mins Portable Eye Wash

6 Mins Portable Eye Wash

Product Code: PRSM-PPE-ESS-PEW-1011-6M


Product Description:

The self contained, concise 6-Mins portable eye wash delivers 6 minutes of uninterrupted hands free water flush .This portable eyewash station has a total capacity of 6 gallons and is very flexible since it can be mounted on a wall, mobile cart or stand. This is very ideal for workers in remote locations and in areas where plumbing facilites are not well equipped.

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  • Porta stream I has a total capacity of 6 gallons
  • Delivers 6 minutes of uninterrupted hand free flushing with low cost plumbling
  • Lightweight design works on gravity-fed flow and begins immediately when the nozzle strap is removed
  • Porta Stream I is supplied with either 2.07L of eye-saline concentrate which when mixed with tap water provides 22.7L of eye-saline solution, or Fend-all Preservative, enough for 53-61L of water
  • Portable in nature and can be mouted on the wall, mobile stand or mobile cart