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Eye Wash (Wall Mounted)

Eye Wash (Wall Mounted)

Product Code: PRSM-PPE-ESS-WMEW-1007-ABS


Product Description:

The Eye wash (wall mounted) is manufactured of ABS plastic which contains a bowl for eyewash and eye wash nozzles. This emergency safety eyewash is made of highly visible yellow colour plastic which has anti corrosive properties. The eye nozzles have flip top dust covers which filters the dust particles and protects the workers eyes. It is easy to spot due its bright colour and is impact resistant.

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  • Material of construction:
    1. Bowl for eyewash: Highly visible, yellow coloured anti corrosive plastic
    2. Eye wash nozzles: Highly visible, black in colour, anti corrosive plastic (Atomizer)
    3. Push plate: Mild steel
    4. Wall mounted eyewash is operated by pushing the push plate.