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Fall Protection
Falls are of many kind and can happen from any corner while performing most functions. One can fall from a height, or trip over a platfrom or slip and fall. Fall protection ensures falling from overhead platforms, elevated work stations, high rise buildings or even rooftops. Fall protection equipment aims at providing safety at height without imparing the job operation. They are in the form of lanyards, harnesses, and ladders to completing arrest the risk of falling and reduces the impact of fall incase a worker falls.

Roof Top Ladder

Half Body Safety Belt

Full Body / Fall Protection Safety Belt

Shock Absorbing Webbing Lanyards

Rope Ladder With Aluminium Rags

Construction Safety Nets

Full Body Harness - PN 24

Aluminium Supreme Telescopic Tower Ladder

Aluminium Ladder Step Trolley

Full Body Harness "CLASS A" I. KI 01

Full Body Harness-UB102

Shock Absorbing Rope Lanyards

Rope Ladder With Wooden Rags

Aluminium Rebar Hook

Snap Hook

Fall Protection Belt

Full Body Harness Belt

Aluminium Extrusion Self Supporting Extension Ladder

Aluminium Folding Ladder Heavy Duty

Fiberglass Self Supported Double Entry Step Ladder

Full Body Harness Safety Belt

Harness Safety Belt

Safety Full Body Harness Belt

Quarter Turn Steel Karabiner

Pilot Chair

Multi Purpose Belt

Fall Arrestor

Lineman Belt

Rescue Stretcher

Aluminium Wall Extension Ladder

Aluminium Baby Ladder

Aluminium Regular Duty Single Ladder

Aluminium Self Supporting Extension Ladder

Aluminium Telescopic Tower Ladder

Aluminium Telescopic Tiltable Tower Ladder

Fiberglass Self Supported Step Trestle Ladder

Fiberglass Self Supported Step Ladder

Fiberglass Self Supported Pinch Proof Trestle Ladder

Fiberglass Manhole Ladder

Fiberglass Extension Ladder

Fiberglass Wall Supported Shelf Ladder

Fiberglass Platform Step Ladder

Fiberglass Mobile Extension Ladder

Industrial Step Stand

Mobile Platform Ladder

Self Supported Trestle Ladder With Foldable Platform

Industrial Safety Fiberglass Extension Ladder

Heavy Duty Fiberglass Platform Step Ladder