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Aluminium Self Supporting Extension Ladder

Aluminium Self Supporting Extension Ladder

Product Code: PRSM-PPE-FP-ASSEL-937


Product Description:

Ideally meant for high level applications, every industry should equip the aluminium self supporting extension ladder to easily access different locations as per the job applications. Aluminium extension ladder features a rope and pulley system which can be used to alter the lenght of the ladder for ascending and descending industrial applications. These ladders are recommended for maintenance of large buildings, bungalows, street light servicing, telecommunication poles, cinema halls, hotels and other commerical structures.

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  • Construction:
    1. Constructed using aluminium made from high tensile aluminium alloy which is designed for trade and industrial use
      1. Features:
        1. The ladder is used where no wall support is needed.
        2. Indispensable ladder, light in weight.
        3. It is provided with safety locks, polypropylene or manila rope, safety limits, pulleys and solid rubber shoes etc.
        4. Extension by means of polypropylene / manila rope through pulley with self-lock bar and adjustable at any interim step
        5. It extends smoothly and the lock adjusts intermediately between the steps
        6. It is available with platform and safety ring on request.
        7. Available from 5ft closed x 8ft extended (minimum) to 24ft closed x 43ft extended (maximum)
        8. Warranty for a period of 3 years against any kind of manufacturing defect or workmanship
      2. Uses:
        1. Light, safe and is ideal for regular use by handyman, homeowners, painters, electricians, and commercial users
        2. Useful for general purpose and maintenance work