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Fiberglass Self Supported Pinch Proof Trestle Ladder

Fiberglass Self Supported Pinch Proof Trestle Ladder

Product Code: PRSM-PPE-FP-FSSSTL-944


Product Description:

Fiberglass pinch proof step trestle ladder is a self supported ladder that contain of two fixed length sections of rungs connected to a spreader to hold the user in a safe and secure position. Trestle step ladder has a rigid framework and pinch proof platform for facilitating easy closing or folding for optimising storage. Ideally suited for heavy industrial applications, these ladders can be used in light construction jobs, painting of walls, repairing and maintenance applications.

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  • Construction:
    1. Two sided, mechanical step ladder which is designed as a trestle ladder to allow entry from either side
    2. It comprises of nonconductive, fiberglass rail with fully serrated aluminium steps on both the side
    3. Heavy gauge hinges: The steel hinges are suitable for every industrial application
    4. Pinch proof spreader braces: The heavy duty steel plated braces comes with a double rivet hinge to protect the user from pinched fingers
    5. Full Channel of Fiberglass: It is nonconductive with polyester veil
    6. Rubber feet: Made of aluminium which is slip resistant and comprises of thick rubber tread