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Full Body Harness

Full Body Harness "CLASS A" I.KI 01

Product Code: PRSM-PPE-FP-FBHKI01-956


Product Description:

There is always danger when work is performed at a height or in areas above ground level.The Full Body Harness "CLASS A" in this case is essential to always keep the worker in upright position and support the body during and after a fall. Essentially meant for protection above six feet or more above ground level, this full body safety belt arrests fall and fights fatalities of working at heights.

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  • Full body harness comes with a 2 meter polypropylene (PP), double lanyard KI 01 with PN 206
  • Class A harness with PN 131 hook
  • It is ISI marked, IS 3521:1999
  • Make: Karam.