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Industrial Safety Fiberglass Extension Ladder

Industrial Safety Fiberglass Extension Ladder

Product Code: PRSM-PPE-FP-FEL-948


Product Description:

Industrial safety fiberglass extension ladder is a multi purpose, easy to operate ladder which features non conductive side rails to facilitate safe work at electrical sites. Fiberglass safety ladders can be extended and retracted to reach and perform functions at varied heights which makes them ideal for heavy duty applications. These ladders is a safe and sound option to reach roofs, gutters, second story windows, storage facilities, warehouses and godowns.

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  • Heavy Duty channel extension ladder for all industrial application.
  • Full channel nonconductive side rails. Set ladder at the proper working angle.
  • Round Fully Serrated Tempered Rungs: Rungs are directly riveted on the side rails.
  • Easy locking system: Rope operated.
  • Safety Shoe: Thick Rubber Shoe.
  • Full Channel Fiberglass Channel: Nonconductive.