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Roof Top Ladder

Roof Top Ladder

Product Code: PRSM-PPE-FP-RTL-907


Product Description:

Roof top ladder is a fall protection system that permits linear coverage from any point on a fragile roof. Safety rooftop ladders can be adjusted across roof corrugations whilst facilitating the user to traverse a steep roof line. The ladders are designed in such a way that the weight of the user is distributed equally and the ladder can be reached from any point of the roof not necessarily from the apex. It is ideal for painting, construction work, damage and maintenance on any roof top of industrial, household or commercial building.

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  • Designed scientifically to ensure complete safety of worker while working on roof tops
  • Manufactured using sturdy, extruded, lightweight aluminium with a sliding device
  • Weight of the worker is distributed equally over several saddles for their safety
  • Specifications and quantity:
    1. Ladder of 3 meter length: 3
    2. Ladder of 1.5 meter length: 1
    3. Working platform of 0.6 meter length: 3
    4. Quick-action clamps: 25
    5. Elevating pads: 15
    6. Safety belt complete with pouch, 3M life line and screw: 1
    7. Bolt extension sleeves: 5
    8. Demonstration CD: 1