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Shock Absorbing Rope Lanyards

Shock Absorbing Rope Lanyards

Product Code: PRSM-PPE-FP-SARL-905


Product Description:

Shock absorbing rope lanyards are efficient shock abosrbers which limit the fall arrest force in a fall situation of within 6kN. Rope lanyards absorb electrical energy effectively whislt minimisinf the shock load on the body. These can be utilised in applications like painting, water treatment, petrochemical,food processing, off shores and general industry applications.

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  • It comes with 12mm diameter polyamide rope
  • Rope lanyards have energy absorbing property
  • Selft locking, snap hooks with securing eye is provided at both ends
  • These snap hooks are made of zinc plated, forged steel
  • The webbing inside the packing tears automatically and reduces the impact of the force transmitted to the user to less than 6.0 KN in case of a fall