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Fire Fighting Equipment
Fire protection is an essential criteria in every industrial unit, since a fire outburst can destroy assets, harm life and pose a threat to the overall business continuity. Firefighting equipment can mitigate the risk and unwanted effects of a potentially destructive fire. Damage caused by a fire can be curbed and controlled using a variety of fire protection equipment like monitors, hydrant valves, hose coupling, and foam equipment. Whether one deals with emergency services, natural resource extraction, airline operations, petrochemical processing or other commercial businesses like hotels, shopping complexes, fire fighting equipment must be equipped.

ABC Type Fire Extinguisher

Co2 Fire Extinguisher

Fire Bucket With Stand

Fire Hose Type A

Fire Hose Type B

Inline Foam Inductor

Mobile Foam Unit

Water Foam Nozzle

Fire Fighting Double Headed Hydrant Valve

Fire Fighting Single Headed Hydrant Valve

Trailer Mounted Foam Monitor

ABC Type Fire Extinguisher-Supremex

Gas Trolley

Fire Bucket

Foam Type Fire Extinguisher

Clean Agent Type Fire Extinguisher

Water Type Fire Extinguisher

DCP Fire Extinguisher

AFFF Fire Extinguisher

Shut Off nozzle

Triple Purpose Nozzle

Revolving Nozzle

Fire Hose/ Male & Female Delivery Coupling

Short Branch Pipe Nozzle

Four Way Inlet Breaching

NRV Male Coupling

Air Release Valve

Super Jet Monitor Nozzle


Stand Post Type Water Monitor

Sprinkler Alarm

FRP Fire Hose Reel Box

Alarm Valve

Deluge Valve

Check Valve

Pressure Reducing Valve

Horizontal Sidewall Sprinkler

Upright Sprinkler

Pendent Sprinkler

Jumbo Water Curtain Nozzle

Foam Chamber

Foam Maker

Inline Balance Pressure Proportioner

Double Fire Hydrant Stand Pipe

Portable Monitor