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AFFF Fire Extinguisher

AFFF Fire Extinguisher

Product Code: PRSM-FFE-AFFF-1873


Product Description:

AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam) Fire Extinguisher is designed to create a smothering foam carpet or film over fires caused by flammable liquids, burining liquids, and areas where furnishings might melt down or liquidise under high temperature impact. Foam Fire Extinguishers creates a smothering film over fire which isolates the oxygen content of the flame. These extinguishers are portable and can be deployed at a fire struck site immediately.

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  • Ideal choice for rapid extinguishment and fast coverage
  • Can be used with fresh water as well as sea water
  • It can be used fixed sprinkler system for protection from risks of flammable liquids
  • Features high foaming characteristics and spreads quickly when combined with film forming ability
  • Suitable for application with standard low expansion, foam generating equipment, both aspirating and non-aspirating type
  • AFF is available in 3% or 6% concentrate
  • It can also be availed in freeze-protected range