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DCP Fire Extinguisher

DCP Fire Extinguisher

Product Code: PRSM-FFE-DCPFE-1816


Product Description:

DCP Fire Extinguisher is a flexible, high quality fire extinguisher which utilises a mix of either monoammonium phosphate and ammonium sulfate or sodium bicarbonate powder and potassium bicarbonate powder. Dry chemical powder extinguishers releases the powder directly into the fire, which causes the flame to go out immediately and isolates the fuel from oxygen and flame radiation. Suitable to extinguish class A, B & C fires , these should be installed in parking garages, shopping complexes, factories, commerical, residential and industrial buildings.

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  • Dry chemical powder type fire extinguisher is completed with initial charge suitable for the following class of fires conforming to IS: 10658:
    1. 'B' & 'C'
    2. 'A' 'B' & 'C'
  • Comprises of forged brass cap, pressure release valve, discharge hose and squeeze grip nozzle
  • It is mounted on solid rubber wheel trolley with CO2 cylinder
  • Powder conforms to IS: 4308 OR IS: 14609
  • The entire unit is ISI marked and conforms to IS: 7285 which is ISI marked of suitable capacity