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Fire Bucket

Fire Bucket

Product Code: PRSM-FFE-FB-1876


Product Description:

Fire buckets is a hemispherical shaped unit can be filled with either sand or water to extinguish or control the fire. Fire extinguishers are placed often next to ovens, barbeques, and other areas where potential fires can occur so that the sand or water is dumped on to it to starve the oxygen in the flame. Ideally meant for small fires, these fire buckets are placed in rooms, corridors, next to ovens, petrol filling stations, and in government accommodation units.

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  • Design of fire bucket: Finished with paint
  • Outer surface of the fire bucket is painted with primer and fire Red colour
  • The word FIRE is written outside the bucket in highly visible colour
  • Inner surface is painted with primer and White colour
  • Material of construction: Heavy duty, galvanised iron of gauge 18 to 20 SWG
  • Bottom of the bucket is hemispherical in shape
  • It has a handle at the bottom for easy handling while usage
  • Capacity of the bucket is 9 litres as per IS standard
  • Design adheres to IS: 2546