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Jumbo Water Curtain Nozzle

Jumbo Water Curtain Nozzle

Product Code: PRSM-FFE-JWCN-1840


Product Description:

Jumbo Water Curtain Nozzle separates a targeted fire struck area by creating a flat curtain of water over it. Water curtain nozzles are designed to quickly realease a large waterfall to provide personal protection whilst the firefighters continue to fight the fire.These should be installed in petrochemical industries, aviation, chemical industries, fire and rescue services.

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  • Material of construction (M.O.C): Bronze and stainless steel
  • Jumbo water curtain nozzles produce a flat curtain of water projecting upward
  • It is used to separate or segregate a certain area by creating a curtain of water
  • A nozzle up to 1000 LPM flow can be provided with instantaneous male connection for connecting the fire hoses for portable applications