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Pendent Sprinkler

Pendent Sprinkler

Product Code: PRSM-FFE-PS-1838C


Product Description:

Pendent Sprinklers are fitted on the ceiling of most commercial and industrial outlet to spray water in circular patterns. Pendant sprinkler heads are used in automatic fire protection systems to distribute water flow and spray water effectively from fixed locations. These deflect water in a uniform spray pattern to control the fire and reduce the impact caused from fire outbursts.

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  • Hemispherical water distribution pattern is produced below the deflector
  • It is chrome plated
  • Pendent is installed in accordance with the standard installation rules recognised by the applicable listing or approval agency
  • The temperature rating is 68 Deg. C
  • The maximum service pressure is 175psig/ 1.2MPA (12 bar)
  • UL Approved