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Gas Tec MkV

Gas-Tec MkV

Product Code: PRSM-GD-PGD-GTMKV-2307


Product Description:

The gas-tec MkV is a low level hydrocarbon detector which is ideally calibrated for methane but can also detect a spectrum of other hydrocarbons as well.This methane gas detector features sensing technology and traceability of results via GPS postion, full data, event and location logging. This portable hydrocarbon detector is used for rapid survey and leak localisation.

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  • Design is based on tried and tested FID sensing technology
  • It has a detection speed of 2 seconds
  • Ranges of 100, 1000 and 10,000ppm
  • Simple and intuitvie functionality
  • 7 variants in languages are available
  • Enhanced electronic controlled manage flow and extended usage times
  • It is light in weight, rugged and IP can be tested independently
  • Facilitates over 22 hrs of usage following a 2.5 hour battery charge
  • Compatible with the latest specification of portable hydrogen cylinders