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Open Path Gas Detectors

Open Path Gas Detectors

Product Code: PRSM-GD-FGD-OPGD-2409


Product Description:

Open path gas detectors is a infrared (IR) gas detection system which provides instantaneous detection of combustible gases and vapours. Infrared open path detectors feature xenon flash technology which is resistant to false alarms caused by extreme weather conditions or other radiation sources. This gas detector are recommended in drilling and production platforms, locations of process equipment during oil and gas extraction and processing.

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  • Open-path infra-red (IR) gas detection systems is based on well-proven technology for quick detection of vapours and combustible gases over a line-of-sight up to 140m (460ft) long
  • It uses "Xenon Flash" technology of the SafEye range which is immune to false alarms caused by partial blockage and extreme weather conditions like fog, rain or snow and direct or reflected sunlight, flame or other black body radiation sources
  • SafEye 700 series:
      The 700 series includes heated optics to withstand severe environmental conditions such as icing, snow and condensation
    1. Comprises of data port to allow easy access for maintenance or configuration changes
    2. It is fully functional with up to 90% of signal obscuration, e.g in heavy fog, its special optics design has a misalignment tolerance of 1° in all directions
  • SafEye 200 series:
    1. The 200 series offers an economical solution for those wishing to incorporate open-path technology into their safety system.
    2. Proven on hundreds of installations, it is an economical solution for those wishing to incorporate open-path technology into their safety system
    3. High immunity to false alarms
    4. Rugged design means high availability and reliability
  • Duct Mounted SafEye Flammable Gas Detectors:
  • It is designed and widely used to monitor ingress of hazardous flammable gas concentrations into air intakes of turbine engines and HVAC air ducts