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PVC / HDPE Industrial Helmet

Safety Helmet With Head Lamp

Product Code: PRSM-PPE-HP-SHWHL-108


Product Description:

Safety helmet with head lamp is a unique blend of durability and comfort.Head Lamp helmet are most suitable for areas which demand work at low lighting conditions.The strong structure of this helmet comprises of a head lamp which has a high intensity beam. It provides protection to users who work in the dark or industrial applications which call for work in the night such as coal mining or other allied applications.

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 Parameters  Data  Unit
 Rated capacity  3  Ah
 Nominal Voltage  3.6  V
 Lighting Time  15  H
 Rated Voltage  3.3  V
 Current for Main Light Source  300  mA
 Current for Auxiliary Light Source  120  mA
 Being Lighting  2200  Lx
 Lighting 11 Hr  1500  Lx
 Weight  700  G
 Nos. Of Battery Cycle  500  NO