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Spectrum Of Industrial Safety

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Industrial Hazard Protection Products
An industrial site is susceptible to risk at all times, be it human or physical property, these can be prevented using industrial hazard protection products effectively. Accidents can occur at any time and its result cannot be anticipated but its impact can be reduced by the proper use of industrial safety equipment.Physical, chemical and all biological risks can be reduced using these industrial protection products. This can ensure protection to every worker and enhance better performance from both the machinery and human resource in an industry.

Oil Chemical Spill Kit

Non Asbestos Fire Blankets Curtains

Fibre Glass Graphited Coated Blanket Fabric

Spark Arrestor

Electric Shock Treatment Chart

Spill Kit-6 Gallon Nylon Bag

Spill Kit 55 Gallon Drum

Spill Kit 94 Gallon Drum

Wind Sock / Indicator

Para-Aramid Braided Rope

Emergency Chlorine Kit

Brightstar / Palican Safety Torch

Folding Strecher

Rubber Mat

Electrical Rubber Mat

First Aid Box

Spill Kit 7 Gallon Nylon Bag

Spill Kit-7 Gallon Bucket

Sorbent Boom

Sorbent Pads

Sorbent Pillow

Sorbent Socks

Sorbent Rolls

Sorbent Sweep

FEP Flange Shields

Flange Gaurd

Spill Kit 17 Gallon Big Bag

Spill Kit-17 Gallon Lab Pack

Spill Kit 27 Gallon Drum