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First Aid Box

First Aid Box

Product Code: PRSM-PFIH-FAB-1208


Product Description:

Industries are equipped with huge machines and equipments which can cause threats to the users while performing different applications. Basic treatment can be provided to injuries caused on an industrial site by using the FIRST AID BOX effectively. These emergency medical kits are available in plastic or stainless steel box and are available in A Type / B Type / C Type.

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  • First aid box contains all the necessary medication required for minor injuries
  • First aid kits come in three forms as per Factories rule 1963
    1. 10 workers
    2. Above 10 to 50 workers
    3. Above 50 workers
  • Can be availed in either plastic box or stainless steel box
  • Three types are available, namely A Type / B Type / C Type