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5000 Series Fire Entry Suit Non Aluminized

5000 Series Fire Entry Suit Non Aluminized

Product Code: PRSM-PPE-IHPGA-5000FES-5000


Product Description:

The unique non-aluminized fire entry suit is manufactured using multiple layers of insulation and is stiched using superior quality 4 Ply kevlar thread of Dupont, USA made. This blend provides excellent protection from high heat and flames. The suits material comprises of high textured silica fabric and is an excellent choice for fire protective clothing.

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  • Manufacturing : Silica fabric lined with woolen, moisture barrier and fire retardant fabric to offer thermal insulation.
  • Stitched with 4 ply kevlar thread which is a Dupont make (USA).
  • Shoes with oil resistant sole and heat resistant sole
  • Breakthrough insulation technology delivering excellent protection from heat and flames.
  • Ergonomic design for ease of movements.
  • F (1371º C) and total flame 2000 deg.F (1093º C).
  • Application: Ideal for use in high temperature environments where heat protection is essential