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Aluminised Kevlar Fabric

Aluminised Kevlar Fabric

Product Code: PRSM-IHHTF-AKF-1517


Product Description:

In industries like iron and steel the aluminised kevlar fabric is an absolute essential since it is known to possess excellent flame resistant properties.This personal protective fabric is made up of aluminium foil coating which makes it suitable for manufacturing of fire proximity suits and gloves . It base fabric is sourced from US based global major and is apt for usage wherein the worker has to work in high heat conditions.

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  • Kevlar fabric forms the base.
  • Fabric finished with aluminium foil
  • Manufacturing of proximity suit, long coats, curtains, aprons, gloves and other heat resistant wear can be done using this fabric.
  • Ideal for users who have to work in high temperature conditions or hot environments.
  • Suitable for aluminium, iron and steel industries
  • Made in USA