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High Heat Texturized Silica Fabric

High Heat Texturized Silica Fabric

Product Code:PRSM-IHHTF-HHTSF-1521


Product Description:

High heat texturized silica fabric is made up of crudible alumina and silica fibres which gives it the property of low thermal conductivity. It has high heat resistance properties and can be effectively used in petroleum, chemical, electrical and thermal power plants.

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  • Manufactured of crudible alumina
  • Temperature resistance range: 35 - 990°C degree
  • Fabric is tested of TGA - Thermo-gravimetric Analysis
  • Equipment used: Melter (TG 50)
  • Atmosphere: Nitrogen
  • Heating rate: 20 C/min
  • TGA results declares that the fabric melted and fused when heated upto 990Odegrees
  • Available size: 650 GSM (grams per square metre).