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Hand Held Metal Detector RE2003

Hand Held Metal Detector RE2003

Product Code: PRSM-SS-HHMD-RE2003


Product Description:

Hand held metal detector RE2003 is an electronic device which features extreme sensitivity and tip pinpointing to detect metal objects with extreme accuracy. Portable and held metal detector finds hidden objects burried underground, or hidden within a substance too.These metal detectors are used in crowd control and is very ideal for security screening in malls and commerical units.

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  • Ideal for detecting both ferrous & non-ferrous metals
  • Features ultra high sensitivity
  • It has both audio and visual alarm
  • Contains a rechargeable battery and has an in-built charger
  • Low battery indication is provided
  • Light in weight
  • Technical specifications:
    1. Sensitivity: Detects 0.1 grams of 6mm ?
    2. Supply: 9V DC
    3. Input: 230V, 50 Hz (for Charging)
    4. Rated Current: 12.5 mAmp (max)
    5. Power Consumption: 110 mW (max)
    6. Weight:275gms.(Approx.)
    7. Colour: Black