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Multizone Door Frame Metal Detector (Three Zones)

Multizone Door Frame Metal Detector (Three Zones)



Product Description:

Multizone door frame metal detector (three zones) is a walk through detector which exhibits extreme sensitivity and tip pinpointing of suspicious material bodies which goes through the door. Metal Detector Doors comprise includes three zone sensors which monitors an individual or object from the shoe level to the crossbar. Metal detectors detect a full range of metal weapon threats even within body cavities.

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  • Door frame metal detector is a multi zone detector comprising of three zones
  • Microprocessor based and it is compatible with PC
  • The detector is continuously active
  • Self-test program and system fault indicator is provided
  • Keypad is provided for all program settings
  • It is set automatically, thus no initial setting is required
  • This multi mode counter provides a count of IN, OUT and TOTAL IN-OUT
  • Infra-red occupancy sensors are present
  • Sensitivity and volume can be controlled digitally
  • Independent sensitivity setting can be done of each zone
  • Extremely safe for cardiac pacemakers and is film safe as it operates at a frequency of 10 KHz ĘC 20 KHz
  • Display of time, counter, program setting, sensitivity is done during setting
  • Battery backup for memory protection (Optional)