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Portable Door Frame Metal Detector SM2512

Portable Door Frame Metal Detector SM2512

Product Code: PRSM-SS-PDFMD-SM2512


Product Description:

Portable door frame metal detectors SM2512 contains of search coil enclosed in a collapsible pvc pipe for easy deployment. Portable metal detector doors feature optical sensitivity which detects the metal only when a person or object goes through the sensing zone. Portable metal detectors are recommended in defense services, police establishments, factory monitoring and security services.

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  • Search zone includes a search coil enclosed in collapsible rigid PVC pipe or telescope rigid PVC pipe
  • Control Unit: It is micro controller based control unit with advance features
  • Display: 4 line x 20 characters LED display module displays with various parameters
  • Settings: It is automatic through micro controller without any operator interface
  • 80 x 55 x 20 mm at level 3
  • Detection Indication:
  • Variable pitch audio through micro-controller with mute facility
  • 3 LEDí»s for large visual indication
  • Bar-graph on LCD display
  • It avoid detection of metal movement
  • outside detection zone by using single sided sensor and single connector for sensor as well as coil
  • Counter: It provides a count of the number of persons passing the sensing zone & number of detection of reference & analysis by superiors
  • RS-232-interface for downloading the data with PC