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Single Zone Door Frame Metal Detector SE-01

Single Zone Door Frame Metal Detector SE-01

Product Code: PRSM-SS-SZDFMDSE01-1718


Product Description:

Predominantly meant for primary level checking, the single zone door frame metal detector provide extreme sensitiviy and tip pinpointing of foreign objects which pose a threat. Door frame metal detectors have three types of audio sounds to alert the risk level. These metal door detectors provide quick, accurate result and should be installed at railway stations, airports, and commercial units.

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  • Composition involves a wooden frame, laminated with sun mica
  • Features equal sensitivity for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • It has a walk and stop display to regulate traffic effectively
  • Instant recovery on detection
  • Comprises of LED bar graph to judge the percentage of metal
  • Sensitivity adjustment over a wide range of O to 9
  • Three types of audio detection according to the size of metal
  • It is detachable in three parts
  • It also has in built IR sensors to avoid external detection (optional)
  • Intelligent person counter which provides the IN/OUT/NET count (optional)
  • In built battery backup for 8 to 10 hrs of continuous operation (optional)
  • Easy to install
  • High sensitivity and stability
  • Technical specification:
    1. Assembly (HXDXW): 2150X510X810 mm
    2. Passage clearance (HXDXW): 1960X510X710 mm
    3. Weight: 45 kg (approx)