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Marine & Offshore Safety Products
We at Speciality Safety Engineers assure safety, endurance and dependibility in the marine & offshore safety products we offer.While boats are not obligated to carry safety equipment, it is a highly recommended that the right marine equipment are carried in case of an emergency. In a marine offshore site, space is a major concern. We have compact and concise designs which can be equipped for ensuring safety of the workers. These marine protective clothing which comply to SOLAS are made to withstand sea conditions of salt water, oil spills as well as the extreme conditions on sea.

Under Water Diving Kit Suit PRSM MOE UWDS-1914-A

Under Water Diving Kit Suit PRSM MOE UWDS-1914-B

Under Water Diving Kit Suit PRSM MOE UWDS-1914-C

Inflatable Lifejackets Sigma150-n

Fireman Axe

Lifebuoy Ring Solas With Retroreflective Tapes

Advanced Lifejacket Solas

Work Vest 50N

Life Rafts Iso Raft CE ISO

Lifejacket Led Flash Light

Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

Life Rafts

Work Boat

Personal Safety Net

Breathing Device

Marine Life Jacket

Marine Safety Life Jacket

Work Life Jacket

Life Raft Capacity 10-12 Persons

Insulated Protective Suit

Inflatable Life Jacket

Life Buoy

Under Water Diving Suit

Hru Hammer

Signal Horn Set

Double Action Hand/Floor Pump

Navigation Light "Classic N12"

Navigation Light "Classic N20"

Diaphragm Bilge Hand Pump

Lifejacket light

Telescopic Boat Hook

Lifebuoy Light Holder Spring Clip

Lalizas Lifebuoy Light M.O.B (Lsa Code)

Advanced Infant Lifejacket Solas

Advanced Lifejacket Solas

Advanced Folding Lifejacket Solas

Lifejacket 150N

Lifejackets 100N

Action Buoyancy Aids 50N

Performance Buoyancy Aids 50N

Neo Buoyancy Aids 50N

Buoyancy Aid Pro Race 50N

Solas Inflatable Lifejackets 150N & 275

Immersion Suits Insulated "Neptune