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Hru Hammer

Hru Hammer

Product Code: PRSM-MOE-HRUH-1915


Product Description:

The HRU hammer consists of a strong white rope which can be secured to the deck or the life raft cradle, so incase the ship sinks, the water pressure will activate the sharp knife which cuts the rope and the raft will float free.This H20 hammer is a reliable and a simple design.

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  • Hammer H20 release unit consists of a double looped white rope line
  • Features release mechanism and red weak link that has a breaking strength of 2,2 ± 0,4kN
  • For smaller rafts, hammer H20 small rafts model with special weak link, identified by green lowe thimble with breaking strength 1, 2 ± 0, 4 kN is recommended
  • The white rope of the H20 hammer is secured to the deck or life raft cradle with a slip hook
  • If the ship sinks, the water pressure will activate the sharp knife within 4 metres, which cuts the white strong rope to let the life raft float free
  • As the ship sinks, the life painter line stretches and the life raft starts to inflate
  • Red weak link breaks and survivors can board the floating life raft
  • It must be replaced after two years
  • 81(70), approved to EU Directive 96/98 EC on Marine Equipment and has a Nato stock number