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Personal Safety Net

Personal Safety Net

Product Code: PRSM-MOE-PSN-1903


Product Description:

The personnel offshore safety net is ideally meant to transfer workers on or offshore from the ship to another site in case of shore emergencies. This offshore personnel transfer Nets is a complete stabilzer unit and has four entrances to the net.The paddding of this marine safety net is made of synthetic floating material which is an effective shock absorbent.

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  • API Specification 2C third edition, march 1983, section 5.4(d).S.W.L R2500 LGS with design factor of 10
  • Four entrances to the net
  • Top ring is 30" with padding
  • Bottom ring has a overall dimension of 72" with padding
  • Lifting ring is 7/8" of forged steel
  • in measurement from bottom to top ring
  • test each
  • Stabilizer unit cover with plastic
  • Hand spliced eyes
  • Safety load line
  • Padding is shock absorbing made of synthetic floating material
  • Bottom of net comprises of 5 rubber pads