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Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

Product Code: PRSM-MOE-SCBA-71327


Product Description:

The self contained breathing apparatus is a lalizas manufactured device which certifies to SOLAS MED & EN 137:2006. A hazardous environment sometimes calls for an emergency escape which is when this marine safety breathing apparatus should be utilized to ensure the maximum respiratory protection. This high performance industrial breathing apparatus is a device worn by fire fighters, rescue workers as well as scuba divers to provide access to breathable air in case of immediate threat to life.

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  • Lalizas self contained breathing apparatus is a high-performance, industrial breathing apparatus
  • Designed to offer breathable air supply to the user while entering or escaping from a hazardous environment
  • Approves to SOLAS/MED
  • Offers reliability and comfort to the user
  • Key features:
    1. Open circuit on demand positive pressure Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
    2. Anatomic carbon fibres composite material back frame with harness for perfect and easy donning
    3. Both back frame and harness are flame retardant, waterproof and antistatic
    4. With warning whistle providing a continuous sound of high intensity (>90Db) warning the user that the air is dropping down.
    5. Packed in heavy duty plastic carrying suitcase
    6. Cylinder volume: 6 Litres
    7. Cylinder material: Steel
    8. Working pressure: 300 bar
    9. Warning pressure: 40-60 bar
    10. Weight: <=15 kg
    11. Packing dimensions: 270cm x 490cm x 755cm
    12. Approved by: EN 137:2006, SOLAS MED