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Under Water Diving Kit Suit

Under Water Diving Kit/Suit

Product Code: PRSM-MOE-UWDS-1914-C


Product Description:

Under water diving kit/suit are used by divers or by people engaged in water sports. Self contained breathing apparatus (SCUBA) kits feature provide thermal protection to the wearer when immersed in water thus eliminating the risk of hypothermia in case of extensive search operations under water. These kits also provide exposure protection by protecting the wearer from polluted water, sharp edges, pointed structures, coral cuts or ship wreck remains.

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  • Diving suit consist of one pc long semi-dry suit, Hood, Gloves, Cylinder,Pressure Gauge, Fins, Knife, Mask, Torch, ETC.
  • Make : Seac sub ĘC Imported
  • Spares of suit can be availed separately
  • Seac underwater diving kit comprises of:
    1. Pressure console 2 (Pressure + Depth guage + Compass)
    2. DX 200 ICE Regulator
    3. X-5 ICE Regulator
    4. BCD 3D
    5. Dry suit
    6. Standard hood
    7. Dry seal gloves
    8. FINS F -100 PRO
    9. Hero Mask
    10. Basic HD Boots
    11. TORCH R-6
    12. Knives RIP face
    13. BAG: Mate 200 HD
    14. 18 litres steel tank - single valve