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Respiratory Protection
In the course of work, a user comes in contact to unhygienic atmospheric conditions which expose them to chemical gases, dangerous dusts, fumes and mists. A careful selection of the right respiratory protection products can virtually eliminate the risk of respiratory hazards. Respirators protect the users by not only the removal of contaminants from the air but by filtering the air from airborne particles and providing fresh breathable air supply.

Self-Contain Breathing Apparatus 30 Minutes

Self Contain Breathing Apparatus 45 Minutes 14.2 kg

Fresh Airline Respirator

Dust/Fume Respirator

Venus Cartridge V-7800

Venus Cartridge V-7500

Artificial Resuscitator

Emergency Oxygen Kit

Disposable Respirator

Self Breathing Apparatus

Self Contain Breathing Apparatus 45 Minutes 11.8 Kg

Self Contain Breathing Apparatus 45 Minutes

Fume Mask

Metti Cloth Mask

Pleated Mask

Cup Mask-Venus

Cup Mask With Valve Venus

Industrial Cup Mask

Respiratory Cup Mask

Gas/Vapour/Odour Protection Half Mask With Twin Cartridge V-800

Full Face Mask

Flat Fold Dust Mask

Nose Mask FFP1-JSP

Dual Dust Mask Ondw 850r Series

Dual Dust Mask ONDW 850 Series

Dual Dust Mask ONSM 2000 Series

Single Dust Mask ONW 8014 Series

Single Dust Mask ONW 9000 Series

Single Dust Mask ONW 9010 Series

Gas Mask–ONSM 2000 Series–ZERO-GD102

Gas Mask–ONSM 2000 Series–ZERO-G102

Gas Vapour / Odour Protection Half Mask

Industrial Disposable Respirator

Industrial Nose Mask