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Self Breathing Apparatus 30 Minutes

Self Contain Breathing Apparatus 45 Minutes

Product Code: PRSM-PPE-RP-SCBA45M-815-I


Product Description:

Self Contain Breathing Apparatus provides a continuous supply of breathable air for a duration of 45 MINUTES in atmospheric conditions which pose a threat to the human respiratory system. This SCBA protects workers from insufficient oxygen environments, harmful dusts, fogs, smokes, mists, gases, vapors, and sprays. These Respirators are ideal for snatch rescue, intervention and rescue applications.

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  • Complete set consist:
    1. Back Plate
    2. Harness
    3. Full Face Mask
    4. Demand Valve
    5. Cylinder: CCOE tested
  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Total weight: 13kg
  • Make: Spasiani (Imported) and is CE approved