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Airport Interlocking Barricade

Airport Interlocking Barricade

Product Code: PRSM-TRS-AIB-1377A


Product Description:

Airport interlocking barricades are manufactured of highly durable plastic while it also contains a aerodynamically designed vent for air passage to withstand stong wind pressure or air flow. These barricades can be filled with either sand or water to provide extra stability. It is used to divert, secure, and block the flow of oncoming pedestrians or passengers at airports.

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  • Airport interlocking barricades are manufactured of plastic which is yellow in colour
  • Aero dynamically designed with vents for air passage to withstand strong wind pressures
  • Parabolic design prevents accidents
  • Provided of 2 holes on the top for filling water
  • Provided with 2 rectangular slots at the bottom portion to the lift the baricade with a forklift
  • Can be filled with water as well as interlocked
  • Provision for affixing display signs and stickers is present
  • Comes with or without reflective sticker
  • Size: 1000mm Length x 300mm (W) or 500mm (W) x 1000mm Height.