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AC Tig Welding System

AC Tig Welding System

Product Code: PRSM-WCE-ACTWS-1634A


Product Description:

For welding in ferrous as well as non ferrous industries, the AC TIG welding system is the ideal product.This TIG welding machine with AC frequency control adds extra stability for smoother welds.This is known to increase productivity and weld quality while reducing the overall cost of installation and operation.

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  • AC TIG welding systems are designed for welding both ferrous and non ferrous metals like aluminium, magnesium, and their alloys
  • Comprises of welding transformers
  • Uprated open circuit voltage (OCV) of 90/100 V
  • Controlled outfit
  • Welding current upto 300 amps/ 400 amps
  • Comes with/without water circulatory system