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Aluminium Welding Cable

Aluminium Welding Cable

Product Code: PRSM-WCE-AWC-1625B


Product Description:

Industries which involve chemicals, oils and concentrated acids, the aluminium welding cable is absolutely essential. These insulated welding cables are coated with a flame retardent HOFR (Heat & Oil Resistant & Flame Retardant) material which provides it high tensile strength and flexibility.These welding cables are resistant to abraison, corrosion and mechanical abuse which makes it suitable for welding and arc welding.

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  • The conductor should comprises of the following aluminium wire which is bunched, lapped with layer of dry paper, polyester tape or any other suitable material which is elastomeric sheathed
  • Current rating should be of 600 amps with nominal area of conductor of 120 sq mm
  • Should conform to IS: 9857 and ISI marked single core, normal duty welding cable with HOFR (heat oil resistant flame retardant) covering
  • Cable should be of 50 metres
  • Length in each coil with lugs on either side
  • The cable should be wounded in wooden spool.