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Brazing Torch

Brazing Torch

Product Code: PRSM-WCE-BT-1631


Product Description:

The brazing torch is ideally meant for metal-joining process wherein a filler metal is heated above its melting point. This soldering brazing torch features a high resistance to back fires and is best used in small production volumes or in specialized operations.This Universal Needle Injector Brazing Torch is known for its impact resistance and possesses excellent torch handling.

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  • Welding cable single core comprising of 999/0.3mm (70 sq.mm)
  • Electrolytic grade, annealed tinned, high conductivity copper wire which has a covering of (heat oil resistant flame retardant) as per IS: 8130/1984.
  • Heavy duty NBR-PVC (type SE-3) as per IS: 6380/1984 suitable for current capacity 600amps
  • Nominal thickness of insulation should be 2.4 mm and general specifications of the cable to be as per IS: 9857/1990
  • Cable should be supplied in coil
  • Each coil should be of 20 metres
  • Length in each coil with lugs on either side
  • Cable should be wounded in a wooden spool