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Cutting Nozzel Type A

Cutting Nozzel Type A

Product Code: PRSM-WCE-CNTA-1610


Product Description:

The cutting nozzle type A is best suited for high velocity gases such as a oxy/acetylene gases. These lightweight gas cutting nozzles are manufactured of solid tellurium copper and contains preheat cones in order to promote better economy of gases.The use of oxy-acetylene facilitates high speed results in welding and enhances stability along with cutting efficiency.

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  • Cutting nozzle manufactured from solid tellurium copper
  • Designed for head mixing and is an effective pre-mixing system for acetylene
  • Mixing principal: oxy/acetylene gases
  • Cutting capacity of 1/8" to 12" thickness
  • Preheat cones are connected together closely to promote better economy of gases
  • Preheat holes are available in 6,8 and 9 size depending upon the thickness of metal to be cut