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Double Stage & Double Gauge Pressure Regulator

Double Stage & Double Gauge Pressure Regulator

Product Code: PRSM-WCE-DSDG-1630A


Product Description:

Double stage & double gauge pressure regulator is designed to reduce gas from a higher input pressure to a lower input pressure.This double gauge pressure regulator can be used with gases and its shutoff valve allows you to instantly turn the gas flow off.It is widely used for gas welding and cutting, inert gas shielded welding and other laboratory applications.

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  • Regulator body and bonnet constructed using forged brass which eliminates casting porosity
  • Forged body has a capacity to withstand 1 ½ times full cylinder pressure
  • Diaphragm made of nylon reinforced, neoprene rubber
  • oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, argon, acetylene & CO2
  • Suitable for brazing, heating, welding, beverage plants, research lab, purging, and other allied applications